The In Search SEO Podcast

The In Search SEO Podcast 


Who said SEO podcasts can't be insightful and entertaining?! Welcome to The In Search SEO Podcast by Rank Ranger! 

Each and every week your host Mordy Oberstein brings you the latest data, news, and trends coming out of the SEO industry, but with a twist of lemon! Keep up on Google's latest changes, updates and get insight into what it all means with this fast-paced and never-dull take on search marketing developments! 

Tune in each week for a new interview with the SEO industry's leading thought leaders. Get tips on everything from local search to link building to content marketing! Gather up insights to help develop a broader understanding of search engine optimization in order to create a thriving SEO strategy!  

Look for an all-new episode of The In Search SEO Podcast each Tuesday! 

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5 Ways to Better Partner with Your SEO Clients

How much time do you take to better understand your clients' businesses? Are you just a service provider or are you a true business partner?

In this episode, Jake Guntley shares five ways to be better business partners for your SEO clients, including:
  • Is SEO the right choice for your business?
  • Make all digital media more efficient 
  • Use SEO data to answer brand questions
  • Be honest when it's time to pivot strategy or resource   
  • Explore internal processes and work to make them more efficient

How to structure an SEO training session

When setting up SEO training for your team, how do you decide what training to deliver and how should you structure those training sessions? 

In this episode, Billie shares how to structure SEO training, including:   
  • Picking the right SEO training for your team 
  • Review your matrix   
  • Face-to-face vs. self-taught 
  • Training non-SEOs   

3 Key Elements to Creating Linkable Assets with Bibi Raven

How should you be building links in 2023? 

In this week's episode, Bibi shares three key elements to creating linkable assets, including:   
  • Focus on your audience     
  • It doesn't have to be epic 
  • Outreach

Five ways a content inventory can help you audit content quality

In a world of increased content scrutiny, how do we effectively manage our content portfolio?

Even at a basic level, content inventories are great to understand the challenges your site faces.

In this episode, Charlie Williams shares 5 ways to use content inventories to improve your site's content quality, including:

  • Understanding how much content you have and how popular it is
  • Checking what Google has indexed at scale 
  • Finding hidden sections of poor quality
  • Auditing on-page SEO elements
  • Scraping key page attributes

Four Ways to Be More Transparent with Your SEO Clients

How transparent are you with your SEO clients about what you're doing? How do you measure its true value and the SEO industry in general?

In this episode, Taylor shares four ways to be more transparent with your SEO clients, including:
  • Building long-term relationships
  • Educate your clients on the value of your services 
  • Improve the reputation of SEOs       
  • Raise your own value and give yourself an advantage over your competitors  

Key Differences between SEO Agency Work and SEO In-House

Are you currently working in an agency and quietly wondering what life might be like working in-house?

In this episode, Paige Hobart shares some key differences between SEO agengy work and in-house SEO, including:    

  • Work-life balance 
  • Being the sole SEO vs internal collaboration   
  • Your future career   
  • Selecting your ideal role   
Paige: Thank you, David. Lovely to be here.

Six Machine Learning Steps to Creating Winning SEO Strategies

How do you incorporate machine learning into your SEO strategy?

In this episode, Si Shangase shares six machine learning steps to creating successful SEO strategies, including:   
  • Signing up for a Google Cloud account   
  • Creating a Google Cloud platform using the Search Console API   
  • Using BigQuery, create a schema for your data set     
  • Get access to Forecast Forge for your business   
  • Run your data set at regular day intervals   
  • Connect to Bigquery with Looker Data Studio  

Four Common Issues Found in XML sitemaps and How to Fix them

What are the common issues found in XML sitemaps? What impact do they have and how do you fix them?

In this episode, Katherine Nwanorue shares four common XML sitemap issues and how to fix them, including:
  • Listing ineligible URLs   
  • Unsupported HTML format error   
  • Not declaring a page and its alternate version correctly   
  • Having one larger sitemap for Separate Sections of a Website

Five Steps to Build an SEO Team from Scratch and Convince Your Stakeholders That SEO Isn’t Black Magic

Have you ever struggled to bring senior business stakeholders with you on your SEO journey?

That’s what we're going to be discussing today with a man who after seven years in general SEO now specializes in app-store optimization. 

In this week's episode, Luis Bueno Tabernero shares five key steps to building an SEO team from scratch, including:
  • Build confidence   
  • Manage expectations   
  • Build your strategy 
  • Your resources   
  • Your team

How to Explain the Value of SEO to Your Clients in Three Easy Steps

Have you ever struggled to justify the value of SEO to your clients?

In this episode, Pam shares three ways to explain the value of SEO to your clients, including:
  • Timing
  • Targeting
  • Transactional

Five Image Optimization Tips for Google Visual Searches

Are you taking advantage of visual searches on Google?

If not, you may well wish to pay attention to this episode.

In this episode, Bipin Padhiar will share five ways to optimize your images for visual searches on Google, including:     
  • Structured data
  • XML sitemaps
  • Alt tags
  • Image sizes
  • Clear and clutter-free images 

Enterprise SEO: Five Things You Need to Know with Gus Pelogia

Are you a successful SEO that works for small or medium-sized businesses? Would you like to work for an enterprise but are you a little scared of enterprise SEO versus what you're currently doing?

In this episode, Gus shares five things you must know to be successful at enterprise SEO, including:
  • How to pitch   
  • Business acumen   
  • Test and document everything
  • Meet everyone you can     
  • Find ways to do things at scale 

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