The In Search SEO Podcast (Posts)

The In Search SEO Podcast (Posts)

New York, NY
In Search is a weekly SEO podcast featuring some of the biggest names in the search marketing industry.

Tune in to hear pure SEO insights with a ton of personality!

New episodes are released each Tuesday!

5 Ways to Better Partner with Your SEO Clients

How much time do you take to better understand your clients' businesses? Are you just a service provider or are you a true business partner?

In this episode, Jake Guntley shares five ways to be better business partners for your SEO clients, including:
  • Is SEO the right choice for your business?
  • Make all digital media more efficient 
  • Use SEO data to answer brand questions
  • Be honest when it's time to pivot strategy or resource   
  • Explore internal processes and work to make them more efficient

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How to structure an SEO training session

When setting up SEO training for your team, how do you decide what training to deliver and how should you structure those training sessions? 

In this episode, Billie shares how to structure SEO training, including:   
  • Picking the right SEO training for your team 
  • Review your matrix   
  • Face-to-face vs. self-taught 
  • Training non-SEOs   

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3 Key Elements to Creating Linkable Assets with Bibi Raven

How should you be building links in 2023? 

In this week's episode, Bibi shares three key elements to creating linkable assets, including:   
  • Focus on your audience     
  • It doesn't have to be epic 
  • Outreach

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Five ways a content inventory can help you audit content quality

In a world of increased content scrutiny, how do we effectively manage our content portfolio?

Even at a basic level, content inventories are great to understand the challenges your site faces.

In this episode, Charlie Williams shares 5 ways to use content inventories to improve your site's content quality, including:

  • Understanding how much content you have and how popular it is
  • Checking what Google has indexed at scale 
  • Finding hidden sections of poor quality
  • Auditing on-page SEO elements
  • Scraping key page attributes

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Four Ways to Be More Transparent with Your SEO Clients

How transparent are you with your SEO clients about what you're doing? How do you measure its true value and the SEO industry in general?

In this episode, Taylor shares four ways to be more transparent with your SEO clients, including:
  • Building long-term relationships
  • Educate your clients on the value of your services 
  • Improve the reputation of SEOs       
  • Raise your own value and give yourself an advantage over your competitors  

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Key Differences between SEO Agency Work and SEO In-House

Are you currently working in an agency and quietly wondering what life might be like working in-house?

In this episode, Paige Hobart shares some key differences between SEO agengy work and in-house SEO, including:    

  • Work-life balance 
  • Being the sole SEO vs internal collaboration   
  • Your future career   
  • Selecting your ideal role   
Paige: Thank you, David. Lovely to be here.

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Six Machine Learning Steps to Creating Winning SEO Strategies

How do you incorporate machine learning into your SEO strategy?

In this episode, Si Shangase shares six machine learning steps to creating successful SEO strategies, including:   
  • Signing up for a Google Cloud account   
  • Creating a Google Cloud platform using the Search Console API   
  • Using BigQuery, create a schema for your data set     
  • Get access to Forecast Forge for your business   
  • Run your data set at regular day intervals   
  • Connect to Bigquery with Looker Data Studio  

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Four Common Issues Found in XML sitemaps and How to Fix them

What are the common issues found in XML sitemaps? What impact do they have and how do you fix them?

In this episode, Katherine Nwanorue shares four common XML sitemap issues and how to fix them, including:
  • Listing ineligible URLs   
  • Unsupported HTML format error   
  • Not declaring a page and its alternate version correctly   
  • Having one larger sitemap for Separate Sections of a Website

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Five Steps to Build an SEO Team from Scratch and Convince Your Stakeholders That SEO Isn’t Black Magic

Have you ever struggled to bring senior business stakeholders with you on your SEO journey?

That’s what we're going to be discussing today with a man who after seven years in general SEO now specializes in app-store optimization. 

In this week's episode, Luis Bueno Tabernero shares five key steps to building an SEO team from scratch, including:
  • Build confidence   
  • Manage expectations   
  • Build your strategy 
  • Your resources   
  • Your team

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How to Explain the Value of SEO to Your Clients in Three Easy Steps

Have you ever struggled to justify the value of SEO to your clients?

In this episode, Pam shares three ways to explain the value of SEO to your clients, including:
  • Timing
  • Targeting
  • Transactional

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Five Image Optimization Tips for Google Visual Searches

Are you taking advantage of visual searches on Google?

If not, you may well wish to pay attention to this episode.

In this episode, Bipin Padhiar will share five ways to optimize your images for visual searches on Google, including:     
  • Structured data
  • XML sitemaps
  • Alt tags
  • Image sizes
  • Clear and clutter-free images 

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Enterprise SEO: Five Things You Need to Know with Gus Pelogia

Are you a successful SEO that works for small or medium-sized businesses? Would you like to work for an enterprise but are you a little scared of enterprise SEO versus what you're currently doing?

In this episode, Gus shares five things you must know to be successful at enterprise SEO, including:
  • How to pitch   
  • Business acumen   
  • Test and document everything
  • Meet everyone you can     
  • Find ways to do things at scale 

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Five Things to Know in a Core Web Vitals Audit

What do you really need to be looking for in a Core Web Vitals report?

That's what we're going to be discussing today with Jan-Willem Bobbink.  

In this episode, Jan shares five key elements to improve your Core Web Vitals, including:     
  • The difference between specific segments   
  • Comparing different page templates     
  • Understanding the difference between Pagespeed Insights scoring and CWV scores   
  • Be creative   
  • Prioritizing page types by benchmarking against competitors

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Three Key Elements of SEO for News Publishers With Barry Adams

What makes SEO different for news publishers? And how much organic traffic might you be able to drive as a news publisher?

In this episode, Barry shares three key episodes of SEO for news publishers, including:   
  • Top Stories Boxes on SERPs   
  • Speed matters     
  • The headline is the key to optimization

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5 Steps to Boost Your Video SEO With Dre De Vera

So you started publishing videos on YouTube. But are you truly optimizing your videos for organic reach as you painstakingly optimize every piece of written content that you publish for your website?

In this episode, Dre De Vera will be sharing five steps to boost your video SEO, including:     
  • Pre-publishing 
  • Establishing expertise
  • Establishing authoritativeness 
  • Establishing trust
  • Post publishing

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Five ways that UX overlaps with SEO with Pedro Dias

UX is a wide umbrella that extends across the digital world. But how does it overlap with SEO?

That's what we're going to be discussing today with one of the few ex-Google Search Quality team members currently working in SEO, Pedro Dias. 

In this episode, Pedro shares five ways that UX overlaps with SEO, including:   
  • Website architecture and internal linking
  • Friendly URLs   
  • Alt text   
  • Organize internal linking and breadcrumbs 
  • PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals

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Seven Things All SEOs Need to Know About E-A-T with Lily Ray

Most SEOs have heard of E-A-T but why has there been such a big emphasis on E-A-T? How does Google actually use E-A-T? And how do you optimize for E-A-T?

That's what we're going to be discussing today with a New York City based creative and passionate SEO professional Lily Ray.

In this episode, Lily shares seven things every SEO needs to know about E-A-T:                                            
  • What is E-A-T?     
  • What is YMYL?     
  • How does Google use E-A-T?     
  • Why is there such a big emphasis on E-A-T?   
  • Can you see your E-A-T score?     
  • How do you optimize your E-A-T?       
  • Can you influence E-A-T in areas other than content?

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4 Content Localization Flags to Be Aware Of

Does your website offer translated localized versions of content targeting different countries around the world? If so, you need to be aware of a few warning flags that may mean that your localized content isn't performing as well.

In this episode, Isaline will share four content localization red flags, including:
  • Unusually low KPIs for a translated language
  • Receiving traffic from another country that's not in your target market
  • Translating keyword research
  • When customer support receives an unusual amount of requests in a translated language

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5 Things You Need to Know About SEO On the Edge with Chris Green

In episode #117, Chris Green shares five SEO tasks that are better handled on the edge.

The five tasks are:
  • Split testing   
  • Redirect management   
  • Bot access logging   
  • Sitemap building/management   
  • Injecting content

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7 Tips for PPC and SEO to Work Together with Jay Ratkowski

How can you become more effective at SEO by working more closely with PPC?

In this episode, Jay will share seven tips to help SEO and PPC to work together.
The tips are:
  • Not viewing each other as competitors   
  • Common goals and taking credit for brand revenue   
  • Using SEO to reduce PPC costs   
  • Using PPC to test an SEO Strategy   
  • Landing page development 
  • Using dynamic search campaigns to find keyword ideas   
  • Keyword level SERP features from your rank tracking tool     

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3 Types of Backlinks You Need to Build Right Now with Alexandra Tachalova

What link types are you actively trying to build your website right now?

Do you even differentiate between the different types of links that you build?

In episode #115 of the In Search SEO Podcast Alexandra Tachalova explains three backlink types you need to be building.

The backlink types are:
  • Links that bring SEO benefits     
  • Links that boost your authority     
  • Links that build brand awareness

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Nine Ways the Google SERPs are changing with Gerald Murphy

How closely do you keep an eye on how the SERP is changing? And how is the changing SERP changing the way that SEO should be done?

In this episode, Gerald Murphy shares nine ways the Google SERPs are changing. 

The nine ways are:
  • SERP-Less
  • Complex SEO behaviors     
  • SERP feature evolution     
  • Quality importance for ranking 
  • Integration of different engines on each engine   
  • Keyword/Query understanding   
  • Devices/Mobile   
  • Zero clicks   
  • Personalization

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5 Steps to Generating Successful AI Generated Content

Is it really possible to create all of your content on an automated basis using AI?

In this episode, Arpad Balogh will be sharing five steps to creating successful AI-generated content.

The steps are:
  • Research, research research
  • Make an outline   
  • Use an AI writer to generate content   
  • Make a standard operating procedure (SOP) 
  • Optimize AI content with Surfer SEO

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Zero Search Volume Keywords with Mark Williams Cook

Do you ignore zero volume keywords? If so, that could be a big mistake.

That's what I'm discussing today with Mark Williams Cook, the director of Candour, a digital agency based in Norwich in the UK. 

In this episode, Mark will be sharing four steps to getting started with zero search volume keywords.

The tips are:
  • Forecasting with Zero Volume Keywords
  • Researching Zero Volume Topics
  • Planning Zero Volume Content
  • Discovering New Zero Volume Opportunities

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Five Steps to Create a Harmonic Marketing Campaign Powered by SEO with Joseph Kahn

Is it really possible for other marketing channels to positively impact your SEO efforts? And if so, how?

That's what we're going to be discussing today with the founder of the Atlanta-based digital marketing agency Hum JAM, Joseph Kahn.

Joseph shares five steps to creating a harmonic marketing campaign powered by SEO.

The steps are:
  • Keyword Intention
  • SEO Content
  • Email Campaigns   
  • Social Campaigns
  • CRM

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5 SEO Site Migration Mistakes to Avoid with Sara Moccand

Have you ever been involved in a catastrophic website migration? Maybe you've been brought into a project to deal with the effects of a badly thought-through website migration.

In this episode, Sara Moccand shares five site migration mistakes to avoid.

The mistakes to avoid are:
  1. Poor planning
  2. Not testing redirects
  3. Not auditing the staging
  4. Migrating in a period of high demand
  5. Having the staging indexed

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Six Steps to Effectively Build Topic Clusters with Begum Kaya

How do you go about building and honing topic clusters? And how do you measure their effectiveness?

In this episode, Begum Kaya shares six simple steps to creating topic clusters so that you can boost your SEO traffic.

The steps are:
  1. Understanding topic clusters
  2. Understanding the benefits of topic clusters
  3. How to strategize your content clusters
  4. Mistakes to avoid
  5. Promotion and distribution
  6. Measure the impact

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Four Ways to Determine Search Intent for a B2B Audience

How much do you consider search intent when developing your SEO content strategy? Why is it so important to understand intent as it is? And how do you cater for intent?

In episode #108 Adriana Stein explains four ways to determine search intent for a B2B audience including:
  1. Streamline buyer personas
  2. Keyword research and clustering
  3. Keyword mapping   
  4. Create your content

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5 Shopify SEO Tips with Iky Tai

What are the key elements of successful Shopify SEO?

In this episode, Iky Tai gives us five essential Shopify SEO tips.

The key elements are:
  • Collection or category vs product pages
  • Product page writing (don't copy)
  • Keyword cannibalization
  • Wise internal linking strategy
  • Common tech SEO issues

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10 Things to Include in an SEO Strategy with Irina Serdyukovskaya

What are the key items that you need to include in your SEO strategy? That's what we're going to be discussing today with Irina Serdyukovskaya.    

The elements are:
  1. Website structure
  2. Content for Commercial pages
  3. Content for a blog or news section
  4. Create a sitemap
  5. Internal linking
  6. External links and brand mentions
  7. PageSpeed optimization
  8. Solve any security issues
  9. Conversion optimization
  10. Go beyond the text

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Four Essential Considerations for SEO in Restricted Industries

Do you work in an industry that's heavily restricted in terms of what you're able to do from an SEO perspective? That's precisely the challenge that my guest today faces.

The considerations are:
  1. Images
  2. Videos
  3. Age-gating
  4. Geo-fencing

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5 Minor Tweaks to Improve Your SEO Reports with Mufaddal Sadriwala

Do you work in an SEO agency? And if so, when was the last time you improved your monthly reports? Today we're talking about how you can positively improve your monthly SEO reports.

The steps are:
  1. Revenue from organic traffic 
  2. Reason for the increase or decrease in organic traffic 
  3. Incorporate pending tasks   
  4. Add a top-level summary   
  5. Ranking report summaries split into categories and rankings

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Three Ways to Create Newsworthy Content That Earns Links

How much of the content that you publish is newsworthy enough to earn links? In episode #103, Amanda Milligan explains three ways to create newsworthy content that earns links.

The steps are:
  • Building Brand Authority with Contextualization
  • Customize/Personalize Your Pitch with Localization
  • Backup Your Pitch with Trustworthy Data

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5 Steps to Turn Your B2B Blog into an SEO Machine

Does your B2B blog bring your site a steady stream of organic traffic? Is the content that you publish underpinned by a premeditated SEO strategy? In episode #101 of the In Search SEO podcast Andrea Paternostro explains 5 steps to turn your B2B blog into an SEO machine.

The steps are:
  • Absorb
  • Plan your content
  • Execute
  • Reach
  • Analyze and restart

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8 Tips to Optimize Your Site Speed

How speedy is your site?

We all know that a slow site negatively impacts user behavior. But are you really doing everything you can to minimize your site speed?

Today, we're discussing eight essential elements of fast websites with Jono Alderson.

The eight steps are:
  1. Core Web Vitals
  2. Cloudflare
  3. Chrome Developer Tools
  4. Advanced Image Optimization Techniques
  5. Advanced Font Optimization Techniques
  6. CSS and JavaScript Tricks
  7. Caching and Versioning
  8. Clever Third-Party Kit

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Four Steps to Getting Started with Schema with Jonny Ross

Is schema an active part of your SEO strategy?

Maybe it's something that you were involved with a couple of years ago when you were setting up a new website, but you haven't thought about much since.

In this episode, we're going to be looking at what works effectively in schema right now. And if you're not actively using schema, we'll share four steps to getting started with schema right now.

The steps are:
  • Identify the Schema Opportunity
  • Implementing Schema
  • Verify your Schema implementation
  • Measuring your success

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5 Tips on Conducting Technical SEO Audits with Olga Zarzeczna

How much are you missing out on with your technical SEO audits? How reliable is your data? And what does your website look like in the eyes of Google?

These are just three of the topics that we'll be discussing in episode 99 of the Insearch SEO podcast with Olga Zarzeczna.

The steps are:
  1. Don’t rely on just one tool
  2. Start with data from Google Search Console
  3. Look for high-impact, low-effort quick wins
  4. Have your own SEO checklist
  5. Look at your site through the eyes of Google

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Getting Started with Machine Learning in SEO with Lazarina Stoy

How much of your SEO are you automating? And did you know that automating what you're currently doing could help you do it faster and with a greater level of accuracy?

In this episode, Lazarina Stoy explains how to get started with machine learning in SEO.

The steps are:
  1. Understand Your Limiting Beliefs and Overcome Them
  2. Understand Common Task Specifications, Solution Specifications, and Data Specifications in Machine Learning
  3. Practice Daily and Start Going Through the Motions
  4. Asses New Tasks, Their Solutions, and Data Characteristics to Understand When Machine Learning is Needed
  5. Understand the Limitations and Scrutinize the Output of Machine Learning
  6. Work Collaboratively and Set Reasonable Expectations

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Effective SEO Translation in Six Steps with Julia-Carolin Zeng

Have you ever managed an international site yet failed to drive as much traffic and convert as many sales abroad as you do in your own country? That's the challenge that we're looking at in this episode, where Julia-Carolin Zeng will explain six steps to effective SEO translation.

The six steps are:
  • Have an In-Market Expert at Hand
  • Know Your Market
  • Get the Right Translation Budget for Your Market
  • Don't Just Translate, Localize
  • Brief Your Translators Correctly
  • Find the Right Translator

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5 Reasons Why Relevant Content Beats High Volume Keywords

What do you do when you find the perfect keyword but according to Google the keyword has no search volume?

According to Eilish Hughes, there are times when you should target those keywords.

When should you try this approach?

In this episode, Eilish gives you 5 reasons why writing genuinely relevant content beats targeting high-volume keywords.

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Six Steps to Managing an SEO Client’s Expectations with Mindy Gofton

Have you ever been confident in the SEO results that you're delivering for a client but actually find out when you've spoken to them, that they're not quite that satisfied with you?

In this episode, Mindy Gofton will explain Six Steps to Managing an SEO Client's Expectations.

The steps are:
  1. Understanding Your Client's Pain Points
  2. Understanding What to Reasonably Expect
  3. Understanding What Will Delight Your Clients
  4. Make Sure Your Clients Understand What They Are Getting for Their Money
  5. Make Sure Your Clients Understand Their Given Timeframe
  6. Make Sure Your Clients Fully Understand What You're Doing for Them

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Three Ways to Use Customer Data to Build SEO Strategies

Customer data is one of your most valuable metrics.


The goal of SEO is to generate sales.


Speaking to actual customers is the best way to work out how to get more sales.

What's more, most SEOs start the SEO process by looking at keyword data. The problem with this approach is it assumes you'll be able to predict how your potential customers think about your product or service. This is making a big assumption.

The better way to do SEO is to research how actual potential customers relate to your product and then build your SEO strategy around that.

In this episode, Eli Schwartz explains three ways to use customer data to build SEO strategies.

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5 SEO KPIs to Help You Scale Your Business

How do you pick the right SEO KPIs? With so many tools and so many metrics, what should you be tracking? In this episode, Crystal Carter shares five metrics that actually make a difference to your clients.

Track these five SEO KPIs:
  1. Conversions and your benchmark
  2. Revenue and transactions
  3. Target keywords and what you are actually ranking for
  4. Ranking position changes
  5. Traffic that brings conversions

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Social Media Brand Strategy and How It Affects SEO With Jason Barnard

It used to be that SEO was the antithesis of brand. Brand is the thing that you couldn't measure and SEO brought the free traffic. But nowadays, both can do so much more if they work together.

In this episode, Jason Barnard discusses:
  • How social media can amplify your brand image
  • How is social media used for SEO

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How to Improve Your SEO Strategy with Three Channels

In this episode, Laura Hogan shares three channels that you can leverage to improve your SEO strategy.

  • How to find targeted queries your audience is searching for using Google Ads
  • How you can set up enhanced free listings in Merchant Center to drive traffic to your products
  • How to find blog content that your customers are desperately searching for by talking to your customer service team

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How to Select Keywords (That Are Easy to Rank For) With Lukasz Zelezny

How do you pick the right keywords that are easy to rank for in Google?

Although one of the tried and tested ways to find keyword opportunities is to focus on keywords that your content is ranking for on page two, in this episode, Lukasz Zelezny has a counterintuitive keyword strategy.

Look for keywords that your content is ranking for on position 50 or more.

In this episode, discover why it works and how to implement it.

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5 Steps to Optimizing Your Crawl Budget With Alina Ghost

How effective is your crawl budget optimization? That's what we're exploring today with Alina Ghost, SEO manager from Debenhams.

In this episode, Alina explains:
  • Why crawl budget optimization is important
  • Why robots.txt is important for crawl budget optimization
  • How to improve your crawl budget through internal linking
  • Checking for errors and redirects
  • Using log file data to improve your SEO

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Is it Time to Adopt a Growth SEO Mindset? - In Search [Episode 88]:

The famed Yuriy Yarovoy explains how adopting a growth mindset has helped him take his SEO and marketing overall to another level: 

  • How a growth mindset relates to SEO and how it opens new opportunity 
  • What does a growth mindset in the context of SEO actually look like? 
  • Why SEOs have not yet adopted the growth mindset 

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In Search [Episode 87]: Is Amazon Targeting SMBs with Search Ads?

Jason Dodge joins the podcast to share his discovery around Amazon's use of Search Ads to compete with SMBs:

  • How Amazon might be leveraging Search Ads to compete with local suppliers in unexpected ways
  • What Amazon's paid search strategy implies about the overall direction of the platform
  • How Amazon's use of search ads might impact competitor's ad budgets negatively

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White Hat Link Building - In Search SEO Podcast [Episode 86]:

Hayk Saakian joins the podcast to share novel ways to build links, offer value, and stay within Google's guidelines all at the same time!

  • Creative ways to build links and offer added value
  • How to think outside the box when it comes to link building
  • How to use niche level strategies to legitimately gain links

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Using Google My Business Reviews to Promote Your Business

GatherUp CEO Aaron Weiche joins the podcast to share novel ways you can repurpose online reviews!

  • How to repurpose your reviews in ways you never thought of
  • How to get smart with repurposing the right reviews at the right time
  • Where you should be showcasing your Google reviews and how to do it

Plus, why the age-old advice of writing content for Featured Snippets might not be the best idea.

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SEO for eCommerce Sites - In Search SEO Podcast [Episode 84]:

The fantastic Nik Ranger joins the podcast to discuss what goes into doing SEO for eCommerce sites:

  • From technical elements to content – what should eCommerce SEO focus on?
  • How changes in online shopping impact SEO for eCommerce
  • A look at structured data and Featured Snippets for eCommerce

Plus, we dive into the entity sites Google shows inside the Knowledge Panel!

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eCommerce Blog Done Right - In Search SEO Podcast [Episode 83]

The wonderful Orit Mutznik joins the podcast to share her thoughts on what makes a commerce blog effective (and what doesn't):

  • Aim to sell or aim to inform, what are you really trying to do with a commerce blog?
  • How hard do you push your commerce content on your commerce blog?
  • What works, what doesn’t, and why so many commerce blogs are ineffective!

Plus, what makes a good SEO study good?

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Driving the SEO Conversation Forward - John Mueller Speaks!

The great John Mueller joins the podcast to share his thoughts on interacting with the SEO industry:

  • How talking to search marketers of all levels impacts the SEO dialogue
  • Handling the problems of SEOs and the complications that come with it
  • On dealing with SEO controversy

Plus, we take a look at Google’s ability to update entities in a flash!

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Local SEO Strategy - In Search SEO Podcast [Episode 81]

Mark Bealin joins the podcast to discuss how to differentiate your local SEO strategy:

  • How to think strategically about local SEO
  • Why strategic local SEO beats out a more tactical approach
  • How links and reviews fit into the strategic mindset

Plus, we take a look at why the COVID-19 SERP seems to have stabilized!

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In Search [Episode 80]: Are Google's Core Updates Working?

Lily Ray is here and she’s spinning out depth into Google’s core updates!

We get into:
  • The relationship between the core updates and E-A-T
  • Are the core update effective?
  • How should you approach Googles massive updates?

Plus, we talk about the mindset needed to create truly authoritative content!

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Chasing Google's Algorithm & SERP Feature Trends

The great Dr. Pete joins the podcast to share his experiences and thoughts on analyzing Google's updates and SERP feature trends:

  • Why analyzing Google's algorithm updates are even more complex than many think
  • Why SERP feature trends play an important role in SEO
  • How to understand Google by looking at what's changing on the SERP and in the algorithm

Plus, we look at how effective Search as Journey really is and how it can improve dramatically!

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SEO Metrics That Matter to Your Clients

Steven Long joins the podcast to offer his insights on which SEO metrics make your clients feel secure (and to share some content wisdom as well):

  • What metrics should you be sending your clients?
  • How to smooth things over with new clients who have been burned by fake metrics
  • What works when creating content for a very niche local business?

Plus, Google's free product listings are putting the search engine between a rock and a hard place... here's why!

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FAQs for SEO - In Search SEO Podcast [Episode 77]

Ashley Segura the mad hatter of Top Hat Rank joins the podcast to offer a fresh look at FAQs for SEO!

  • Why a good FAQ is super helpful for your SEO One massive FAQ? Multiple categorized FAQs?
  • How to craft your FAQs!
  • From markup to media, how to enhance, track, and judge the effectiveness of your FAQs!

Plus, we look at CTR on the SERP when ranking above the fold vs below the fold!

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In Search [Episode 76]: Mining Google Patents for SEO Gems

SEO legend Bill Slawski joins us today for a sweeping look at what patents tell us about Search!

We get into:

  • How to approach a Google patent
  • Why the information within patents is incredibly important to doing SEO
  • What trends the patents have revealed about what Google is looking for

Plus, Google just released something that’s set to change the content landscape… here’s why top-level content will die a horrific death by the SERP!

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Creating High-Performing SEO Content - In Search [Episode 75]

Yosef Silver, SEO and culinary expert, joins us to talk about creating that content that coveted content that ranks well, reads well, and shares well!

  • We’re getting into: Search-ability, shareability, and how to create content findable content that pops!
  • Tips and tricks for a content structure that engages
  • How to achieve content zen. Finding a good content balance

Plus, why refusing to look at content, the SERP, and SEO with fresh eyes is killing you.

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The Hidden World of Content Syndication for SEO Revealed!

This time we’re talking syndicated content and SEO with Alli Berry who knows the dark inner-workings of syndication!

We’ll get into:

  • Is content syndication right for your site? Is it even worth it?
  • What happens when your syndicates outrank you with your own content?!
  • Does Google do a good job handling syndication and what can you do when it doesn’t?

Plus, there’s so much to talk about as Google has officially invaded your site with text highlights! We’ll jump into all the drama from Google’s expanded use of scroll-to-text + highlight from the Featured Snippet.

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SERP Feature Analysis (Everything You Need to Know)

Kevin Indig is here to work your brains with a SERP feature deep dive! We’ll get into:

  • SERP features and the notion that they are organic
  • The topic layer, what is & why you should care
  • Google's targeting users via SERP features

Plus, we ask if the ranking signal is a thing of the past (relatively speaking)!

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In Search [Episode 72]: Finding More Leads for More SEO Clients

Deepak Shukla of Pearl Lemon stopped by to talk about targeting new SEO clients.

We get into:

  • How to find more good leads for more good SEO clients
  • Has the market shifted? Is SEO passé and should you be peddling "organic growth?”
  • How to push hard to get those new clients without coming off as spammy

Plus, we show why you should not take a new course of action based solely on trends data!

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Helping Your SEO Career by Building Your Credibility

Rich Tatum joins us to talk about something very important for your career… your reputation!

In this episode we cover:

  • How to build sustained credibility in the SEO sphere
  • How to leverage your SEO credibility to the benefit of your career
  • How being a specialist or generalist plays into your reputation within the SEO community

Plus, we go deep into what Google may have been looking for during the May 2020 Core Update. That’s right… site-level patterns from the core update!

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How to Run SEO Audits: In Search [Episode 70]

Matthew Tenney of GlassesUSA joins us to talk about all things SEO audit!

  • When and how to run the most efficient SEO audit possible
  • From among the piles of data, how to know what to focus on when doing an SEO audit
  • How to best qualify the data you get back from an SEO audit

Plus, we go into the May 2020 Core Update... its roll-out, its impact, its scope and size, etc!

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Doing SEO on Sites During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The podcast welcomes Simon Cox who shares how he’s handled sites in the wake of COVID-19:

  • What changes have COVID-19 brought to both local and non-local sites?
  • How to approach content generation during COVID-19 as intent has changed so drastically
  • What to consider about working on your site’s optimization post-crisis

Plus, how to stay in touch with what Google’s up to… tips on keeping your ear to the SEO ground!

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How Psychology & UX Combined Can Drive Sales to New Levels

Today we have a UX aficionado for you! Khalid Saleh, CEO of Invesp opens up the world of using psychology to create a UX that converts!

  • How to speak to user psychology with your UX in order to boost sales
  • How to drill deep into the user mindset and build UX that aligns with it
  • What messages do you want your UX to send & how do you send them?

Plus, we take a look at what’s likely competing with your Featured Snippets for user attention!

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Optimizing Your GMB Listing: In Search [Episode 67]

SEO whisperer Colleen Harris of Sincro chats with us about the finer points of your Google My Business listing. We’ll cover:

  • Why department listings in the Local Panel are super important and how to set them up without screwing them up
  • How to expedite the listing verification process, no pain tips
  • How local SEO can show value to a website

Plus, how the COVID-19 SERP is a glimpse at all future SERPS!

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Getting the Scoop on Covering the SEO Industry News

George Nguyen joins the show to discuss what goes into covering the SEO news.

  • Does Google frustrate the news reporting process?
  • How to see past the facade and find the SEO truth
  • How to balance reader intrigue while not sacrificing your soul - tips on staying SEO objective no matter what!

Plus, 15 days of insane rank fluctuations! We dissect one the weirdest and most bizarre algorithm update patterns we’ve ever seen… and of course… tie it all back to COVID-19.

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The World of Google Search from the Lens of Confirmation Bias

We welcome the podcast’s first-ever repeat guest, the one the only, the magnificent and always pleasant Carolyn Lyden joins us to chat it up about the pros and cons of confirmation bias in digital marketing!

  • How can confirmation bias both help and hinder your digital marketing efforts
  • How far can you push confirmation bias in your marketing without being unethical? Where are the lines?
  • How does confirmation bias impact our favorite search engine?

Plus, they’re here, they’re there… Google is spraying COVID-19 results around everywhere…. We dive into what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what it might mean for you!

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Life as an SEO Agency: The Ups, The Downs, The Ins and Outs

Rachel Slovin of Kahena Digital chats with us all about how to push your SEO agency and/or SEO team forward:

  • How to handle hard times while maintaining a growth trajectory
  • How to best allocate resources and teams and stay current so your team doesn't become stale!
  • And when times are good... how do you know when it’s time for your SEO team to grow?

Plus, we get into life under the weight of COVID-19 and some tips on working at home from two serial remoters… our own hosts!

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In Search [Episode 63]: What to Do When Apps Steal Local Site Traffic

Amy Toman is here to chat about apps stealing your local traffic away!

  • What threat do on-demand apps pose to local search traffic?
  • Which niches are most susceptible to losing local traffic to apps?
  • How can local businesses recapture traffic lost to apps?

Plus, we dive into how rank tracking has changed and how you might want to reconsider how you monitor your rankings.

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In Search [Episode 62]: Balancing SEO, Your Life, & Mental Health!

Special guest Kelly Stanze joins the podcast to talk mental health in the SEO sphere.

  • How to create a work/life balance
  • How to deal with the demands of an SEO life while struggling internally
  • What needs to change in the SEO world for there to be a better mental health environment

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How to Handle Bad Backlink Profiles: In Search [Episode 61]

Super awesome, craft beer drinking, link profile analyzing guest for you today! Cass Downton is here to get your bad backlink profile expunged:

  • To disavow or not to disavow, of course, we asked that question!
  • At what point does Google say enough is enough when looking at low-quality links? What’s the deal with links and authority?
  • How links factor into the E-A-T equation!

Plus, if you want to avoid being clobbered by a core update, here are some content creation tips for you!

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In Search [Episode 60]: Systematically Onboarding New SEO Clients

We sat down with the magnificent Heather Physioc to discuss how to get your clients on board with your SEO program:

  • How to get your SEO clients to invest more time into what you’re preaching!
  • The nitty-gritty details of what good client communication looks like!
  • How to get into your client’s head so that you know how to speak their language! Plus, BERT is back!

We pick apart Google’s segmented news carousels. What’s working, what’s not, and what’s really freaking interesting!

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In Search [Episode 59]: How to Keep Your Intent Targeting... on Target

The great Jessica Levenson joins us to talk about how to actually doing what we say we ought to do when trying to create targeted content:

  • How to take the dream of targeted content and then actually write it
  • How to make sure your content actually aligns to your target audience
  • Where targeted content is heading as SEO evolves

Plus, we put Google’s relationships on the couch as the search engine has taken yet another entity understanding advancement!

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In Search [Episode 58]: Can SEO & PPC Coexist?

The one and only Navah Hopkins joins us to talk about the relationship between SEO and PPC:

  • Dispelling the myths about SEO and PPC as marketing opponents
  • How to create a unified approach to SEO and PPC
  • How SEO and PPC work together uniquely in specific verticals

Plus, everything and more of everything on Featured Snippet de-duplication.

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In Search [Episode 57]: How Accurate Are Google's Results?

The wonderfully wonderful Jenny Halasz chats it up about Google’s ability to offer nuanced results on the SERP:

  • Is Google living up to the hype? Does it consistently offer clear and nuanced results?
  • How’s that whole BERT thing working out at this point?
  • Where are the gaps in Google’s interpretation skills and what does that mean for your site?

Plus, we breakdown how Google uses its entity understanding and Story expansions for pure marketing genius!

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In Search [Episode 56]: Getting Local SEO Competition Analysis Right

Cori Graft of Seer Interactive joins the show to talk about how to analyze the competitive field at the local level:

  • What metrics should you focus on when analyzing the local competition?
  • How to find, analyze, and track local competitors at scale!
  • What going beyond proximity means for your local competition analysis! 

Plus, we have the data! Jump into the data on the recent Jan 2020 Core Update!

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In Search [Episode 55]: BERT & SEO - Getting the Story Straight

Big time guest with us as The Women In Search SEO Series continues with the one and only Dawn Anderson who gets into everything BERT and SEO:

  • Clear & understandable details on how the heck BERT actually works
  • The real story on how BERT’s implications will hit SEO
  • What better contextual conceptualization means for content

Plus, we take a look at how the very fabric of the SERP might be changing!

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Quality Raters Guidelines Changes & Why It Matters

It’s 2020 y’all and we’re kicking it off with a living legend. Jennifer Slegg chats it up with us about the Quality Raters Guidelines!

  • Why Google has changed its language around YMYL
  • The meaning of Google shuffling around its categorization of YMYL sites
  • The ever-controversial relationship between the Quality Raters Guidelines and Google’s algorithm

Plus, we jump into the crap people are saying about doing SEO in 2020!

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The Top Moments from The In Search SEO Podcast 2019

From the nuances of E-A-T to when you should consider SEO automation to Fraggles to having a diverse professional background when doing SEO... these are our top 10 moments on The In Search SEO Podcast in 2019!

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Making Your Brand & Products Discoverable on Google & Beyond

This week we talk about being discoverable with the CEO of Directive Consulting, Garrett Mehrguth!

  • How to be discoverable by gobbling up as much market share as possible
  • Taking advantage of review sites for discoverability
  • Where Search fits into the discoverability picture

Plus, we take a look at the impact of the holiday season on the presence of PLAs on the SERP!

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In Search [Episode 51]: Finding Content Marketing Opportunities

This week we talk content opportunities with the author of Marketing Now, as the one, the only David Bain joins us!

  • Where the emerging content opportunities lay
  • How to best utilize audio and video content
  • Unifying online and offline content

Plus, we talk about the impact of the November 2019 Google Local Update on Local Pack Rankings - get ready for a wee bit of data!

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In Search [Episode 50]: Looking Back at SEO in 2019

Ross Tavendale of Type A Media joins us to reflect back on the major trends in SEO brought to us in 2019!

  • Where we’re at with links, nofollow hints, news links, spammy links, and the future of links
  • Featured Snippet clicks, no clicks, more clicks - everything clicks in 2019 and how to move forward
  • The role of the Quality Raters Guidelines, links, and technical SEO in ranking now and going forward

Plus, what you can learn from Google when designing and creating content for your site!

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Grabbing Hold of Your Online Reputation with SEO

The great Ari Roth of Five Blocks joins us to talk about crafting your online reputation from an SEO perspective!

  • How to maintain control of your brand’s narrative using Search
  • Using the SERP to manifest your brand positively
  • Handling inaccuracies that impact your brand’s identity when they appear within a Google property

Plus, is Google evil? The Wall Street Journal seemingly thinks so! We pick apart their article and the industry’s peculiar response to it!

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In Search [Episode 48]: Online Reputation Beyond SEO

Former Search Engine Land editor and current AimClear VP of Product Innovation, Michelle Robbins, joins us to talk about online brand reputation in the modern web era:

  • Online reputation beyond links - expanding the SEO mind
  • How to handle negative brand presence online
  • Beyond gimmicks - how to build positive brand sentiment

Plus, we go into what might be a new way that Google is rolling out its algorithm updates!

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In Search [Episode 47]: How to Do SEO for New Websites

Matt Giovanisci joins the show to explore the wide world of SEO when building a new site:

  • What technical and design considerations should be on your mind when creating a new site so that you rank well?
  • How to take an abstract plan and turn it into a concrete content and branding strategy for your site!
  • How to build links for a new site and rank for keywords when you’re the newest site on the block!

Plus, we explore BERT… Google’s new and super-advanced algorithm for understanding the words to, of, and for…. Well, it’s more complex than that… all in good time. 

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Understanding the Underpinnings of Structured Data

This week we have the wonderful, the delightful, the musical, Jason Barnard here to talk with you all about rich results & structured data markup:

  • Why the "block construct” is so important to Google & what it means for your rich results
  • The changing relationship between rich results and traffic to your site
  • Thinking about structured data beyond clicks

Plus, we take a look at what you could do after being hit by a core update!

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Are We Thinking About SEO Automation the Wrong Way?!

This week we talk to the great Nati Elimelech, the CEO of SEO Israel, all about SEO automation:

  • Why you’re really not taking advantage of SEO automation as you should!
  • Who should be using SEO automation and when!
  • How to make sure you don’t go too far & get too lost in the world of SEO automation!

Plus, we explore Google’s new "original source” algorithm modification and the complications that arise from it!

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Dealing with the Evolution of Featured Snippets

Featured Snippet aficionado, Nigel Stevens, joins us to discuss his outlook on the zero-position box!

  • What tips the scales when Google chooses content for its Featured Snippets?
  • How to use Featured Snippets to understand keyword intent
  • How should you structure your Featured Snippet strategy & what should you expect from it

Plus, we look at the whole nofollow attribute kerfuffle. What happened, what’s going on, and what to make of it all!

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Cultivating the Cornerstone of Success When Doing SEO at Scale

The legendary Stephan Spencer joins us to offer a truly holistic, if not downright spiritual look at doing SEO at scale and doing it successfully!

  • The role of team building when doing SEO at scale
  • How to find the right team for the right SEO tasks
  • The actions you can take to develop your SEO team the right way

Plus, subdomain leasing…. Are you kidding?!

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In Search [Episode 42]: A Behind the Scenes Look at SEO Consultancy

Do not blink because we have the industry’s fastest and brightest here for you today… the one, the only Aleyda Solis will join us to talk all about SEO consultancy!

  • Why SEO consultants should specialize
  • How to build a healthy working relationship with SEO clients
  • How to bring true value to your clients

Plus, zero-click searches... are they really the end of the world? And no, Featured Snippets are not the great savior, so what is?

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Thinking about Your Blog from an SEO Perspective

Get ready and get set as Matthew Woodward joins us as we get into your blog’s performance.

  • How to decide on your blog’s identity & purpose (and find your niche)!
  • Being active & out there in order to find the right topics for your blog
  • Where and how does SEO fit into your blog’s success?

Plus, we take a data-filled look at Google’s core updates to see if they are really that much more impactful than your run-of-the-mill Google algorithm update.

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Optimizing Your Landing Pages for Google Ads Success

The founder of Klientboost, Johnathan Dane, joins us to share his wisdom on how to optimize those landing pages for Google Ads!

  • How to set up your landing pages for optimal Google Ads performance
  • How to get users to click that CTA once they move from an ad to your site
  • Ad copy or landing page copy? Which is more important & how closely does ad and page content have to align?

Plus, how does Google know which health content is quality and which health content is quack?!

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In Search [Episode 39]: What Goes into a Good SEO Webinar?

This week we have master webinar creator, Anton Shulke, the head of Video Content at SEMRush, who comes on to discuss SEO webinar creation:

  • Which guests make the best guests & how to handle difficult guests
  • Which webinar and video formats are the most engaging
  • What technical considerations are the most important when creating a webinar

Plus, we get into some tips for building SEO knowledge and insights!

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In Search [Episode 38]: The World of SEO According to Barry Schwartz!

This week the brilliant, the magnificent, the noble, Barry Schwartz will talk SEO shop with us as we get into:

  • The state of the SEO industry according to Barry
  • The state of Google and its approach to search and the SEOs who optimize for search
  • The state of the man himself, we get into what it’s like to be Barry Schwartz!

Plus, is your SEO strategy playing right into Google’s hands?

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Creating Content in the Age of Google as a Discovery Engine

VP of Content Strategy at AimClear, the great Mark Traphagen will join us to talk about how Google’s shift to being a discovery engine changes the content landscape:

  • How does ‘search as a journey’ impact your content creation?
  • How can you develop a content strategy that aligns to Google’s tendency to guide users to a greater extent?
  • Why having a ‘content mindset’ is more important than ever & how to prioritize your content efforts in this new world of Google!

Plus, we pick apart the latest Google algorithm update, the unconfirmed July 2019 update, which as you shall see was quite… weird.

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In Search [Episode 36]: What's Stopping Your Site from Converting?

This week we speak to CRO specialist and table tennis champ Dave Hyman all about:

  • Which traffic sources convert at the highest rates?
  • Site speed, UI, UX… which technical elements can kill your conversions if not optimized correctly?
  • What tests to run and how to create surveys to ensure your conversion program is on the right track

Plus, we take a look at PageRank and links and why Google wants to move away from both.

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Winning on Both YouTube and on the Google SERP

This week we welcome video marketer extraordinaire, Itamar Blauer who comes on to share his expertise on:

  • Tips, tricks, and general advice when optimizing your videos
  • Breaking down video creation barriers
  • How to get your videos to rank well on both YouTube AND on the SERP

Plus, why you should start thinking of EVERYTHING from an entity perspective!

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In Search [Episode 34]: The Best Ways to Analyze Your SERP Competitors

This week we welcome’s Igal Stolpner who joins us to shed light on search competition analysis:

  • How to know which competitors you should or should not focus on
  • How to qualitatively gauge a competitor’s threat level
  • How to be both innovative and effective when creating an SEO strategy based on your competition analysis

Plus, we look at how the length of Featured Snippets has changed and what that might mean for your site’s traffic!

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In Search [Episode 33]: Fully Leveraging Google Posts (& Q&A Feature)

This week we are going local again with the most electric personality within the world of local SEO the great, the grand, the gifted Greg Gifford who comes to discuss:

  • From copy to images; how to optimize your Google Posts
  • How to use Google Posts to promote your business
  • What mistakes you should avoid when working with the Local Panel’s Q&A feature

Plus, we talk about the need for uniformity within the SEO industry.

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In Search [Episode 32]: On the Health of Local Search

This week we have none other than the grandmaster of local SEO, Professor Maps himself, Mike Blumenthal to share his local SEO wisdom with us:

  • Do local marketers need to hop on the paid search bandwagon?
  • What is the real story with Google My Business monetization?
  • The role of reviews in local ranking

Plus, we take a look at how Google is further developing its Topic Layer.

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In Search [Episode 31]: Black Hat SEO Beyond the Taboo

Today we speak with Glasgow’s most prominent SEO expert, the straight-talkin' Craig Campbell about the myths of black hat SEO:

  • Can black hat SEO techniques be effective if done properly?
  • Where are the lines between white hat and black hat SEO? Is black hat SEO's bad reputation justified?
  • Is it really "immoral?”

Plus, we look at a new level of customization on the Google SERP!

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In Search [Episode 30]: How to Build Your E-A-T Profile

In this episode, we welcome the fantastically fantastic Alli Berry of the Ascent to talk all about E-A-T - "Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness.”

  • The difference between expertise, authority, & trust
  • How to build up your E-A-T profile for different types of YMYL sites
  • Beyond the bio, how to build up your authorship credibility

Plus, we dive into some data on the latest Google Update, the June 2019 Core Update!

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In Search [Episode 29]: The Right Language for the Right UX

Big time guest this week as we welcome Stoney deGeyter who shares his wisdom on the right language for the right UX:

  • Creating language to deal with Google’s multiple intent targeting 
  • The right language for the right UX for both traditional AND voice search
  • The role of UX within Google’s algorithm

Plus, we breakdown the mobile’s SERP’s new design… Are organic result favicons really a win for sites?

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How to Analyze & Approach Google's Algorithm Updates

The great SEO experimenter and innovator Dan Petrovic hits the airwaves with us to explore the deep dark depths of Google’s algorithm:

  • Is there something new brewing within Google’s algorithm?
  • Are Google’s confirmed updates a red herring that distract us from even bigger algorithmic changes?
  • What’s the best way to approach a Google update?

Plus, we look at rank stability trends over the past few years to see if maybe there is something deeper to Google’s recent "quiet” period!

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The Power of the Full Stack Writer for Your SEO & Marketing

We have an amazing show for you! Content all-star Kameron Jenkins comes on to talk about the ever-versatile full stack content writer.

  • The advantages of having a content generalist over a content specialist
  • How to find balance when writing any and all forms of content
  • How content marketers can compensate for a lack of topical knowledge

Plus, we analyze the implications of the announcements made at Google I/O 2019 and Google Marketing Live!

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In Search [Episode 26]: How to Effectively Build Local Links

We speak to link building maven Garrett French all about local link campaigns:

  • How to target a local site for link outreach
  • Making even the blandest local business a linkable proposition
  • Making sure your local link campaigns are diverse and location appropriate

Plus, we take a look at the development of Google’s Topic Layer in the Knowledge Panel

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Mastering the Consumer's Search Journey with Intent Analysis

In this episode we talk to Jeannie Hill, the founder of Hill Web Creations all about intent & how it shapes the consumer's search journey:

  • The role of intent in the consumer's path towards conversion
  • Addressing consumer bias as part of the intent equation
  • The advantage of targeting intent gaps

Plus, we discuss the possibility of Google heavily monetizing Google My Business.

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Best Practices When Utilizing Google Ads Automation

Joining us is Zack Bedingfield of CallRail who shares his wisdom on all things automation inside of Google Ads:

  • What should you automate in your Google Ads campaigns? What shouldn’t you?
  • What automation works best for what Where is the future of Google Ads automation heading!

Plus, we talk about the long term impact of Featured Snippets on your site’s traffic.

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What Local Google Features Are We Too Easily Passing Over?

Joining us is Niki Mosier of SEER Interactive to get us caught up on the hidden world of local SERP features.

  • What to consider when creating Google Posts
  • What local features are we all forgetting about & how can you capitalize on them?
  • Where we stand in tracking local SERP feature progress

Plus, we take a hard look at how advantageous it is for multinational companies to focus on voice search.

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In Search [Episode 22]: How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Account for SEO

In this episode, we welcome LinkedIn expert Yoel Israel of Wadi Digital who discusses:

  • What you can do to get your LinkedIn and your business's LinkedIn profile on the Google SERP
  • Getting your LinkedIn content noticed
  • How to make your LinkedIn profile more "linkable”

Plus, we analyze the effectiveness and purpose of getting into a Google update at the site level.

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Pay to Play? Is Organic Search, Social Media, & Branding Dying?

In this episode, we welcome the world-renowned Lukasz Zelezny who discusses all things "organic" with us:

  • Why organic search is stronger than ever
  • Organic brand building
  • What still works on social media without having to pay for it

Plus, we delve into how machine learning has changed what keyword research should look like!

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From KPIs to Voice Search - How to Get Content Marketing Right

In this episode, we welcome content strategist supreme Liraz Postan who:

  • Analyzes the latest trends in content & voice search
  • Breaks down which content marketing KPIs are worth your while
  • How to consider your audience’s post-click behavior

Plus, we bite into some of the data we analyzed on the March 2019 Google Core Update!

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In Search [Episode 19]: Moving Beyond the Cliches of Enterprise SEO

Today we smash enterprise SEO cliches with all-star expert Eli Schwartz!

  • Going beyond writing more content... how enterprise sites should think about content creation
  • The issue of user intent facing enterprise sites
  • What brings true efficiency to an enterprise SEO team & how they can best allocate limited resources!

Plus, we discuss large-scale increase to mobile Image Thumbnails!

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Targeting Users, Staying Creative, & More with Content Pillars

In this episode we hear from content and SEO expert Carolyn Lyden as we get into content strategy:

  • Thinking about brand identity when setting up content pillars
  • How to best target users with your content while keeping a dash of inner creativity alive!
  • Learn a great way to create harmony between your content and SEO teams!

We’ll also have a look at the most recent Google Update and some new SERP feature trends data.

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In Search [Episode 17]: Influencer Marketing with an Eye on SEO

This week we speak to the internationally renowned Shane Barker all about influencer marketing and how it intertwines with SEO:
  • How influencer marketing can impact your SEO efforts
  • Engaging in meaningful influencer marketing all while staying entirely white hat
  • Staying on target with your influencer marketing for strong SEO

Plus, we weigh in on Google using CTR when looking to rank sites!

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In Search [Episode 16]: The Increasing Importance of Mobile Page Speed

In this, our 16th episode, we talked with Stephen Alemar and Russell Jeffrey of Duda all about site speed and mobile UX:

  • Why site speed and mobile UX are more important than ever!
  • Where does mobile page speed and UX sit on the SEO totem pole?
  • Has AMP faded out of relevancy? Was it ever really relevant?

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Local SEO - Proximity, Reservations, & Voice Search Monetization

This week we talked to the king of Local SEO SERP features the one and only Sergey Alakov!

  • What role does proximity play when optimizing for local intent?
  • Will Reserve with Google become a must for local businesses?
  • Why might local be the optimal way to monetize voice search?

Plus, where do the richest SEO insights lay, Google updates or the Quality Rater Guidelines?

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Entity Indexation and the Future of Google Search

This week SEO guru Cindy Krum joins the podcast to discuss how mobile-first indexing might have more to do with entities than mobile! Go deep into some heavy SEO theory as Cindy shares how Google's focus on entities changes everything from how Google crawls the web to how Google is creating a more universal understanding of entities!

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In Search [Episode 13]: How Small Brands Can Win the Keyword War!

This week the CEO of the ClickGiant SEO agency, Jerry Cahalan, comes on board to discuss keyword and content strategy for small and mid-sized brands:

  • What can these brands do to win the keyword war?
  • Where should their focus be?
  • How can small & mid-sized brands ensure their keyword research produces relevant content?
  • How do you best measure your progress here?

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How You Can Leverage Google's Local SERP Features

In this episode we talk to Brodie Clark and delve into how businesses can best take advantage of Google’s Local SERP features:

  • How can a business best leverage some of Google’s latest updates to the Local Panel and Local Pack? 
  • Should you opt-in to the message feature in the Local Panel? 
  • How can you capitalize on Google Posts and to what extent? 
  • How should brands go about product placement in the Local Panel? 
Also, we look at some new and exclusive data on hotel local packs!

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How You Can Compete with Big Brands on the SERP

This week we interview Andrew Optimisey and get his take on what small brands can do to compete on the SERP:

  • What role does a unique selling proposition/point play when competing with a multinational brand?
  • How can you keep up with the link building of big brands?
  • Where does technical SEO fit into brand competition on the SERP?

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How to Uncover User Intent & Understanding Confirmation Bias

This week on the podcast our hosts focus on both user intent and confirmation bias. Specifically,

  • Determining Google keyword intent: 3 easy steps to getting a solid intent understanding Google or users?
  • Who’s responsible when it comes to confirmation bias? 

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In Search [Episode 09]: Where Do We Stand with SEO After 2018?

This week our hosts Mordy Oberstein and Jacqueline Harkam reflect back on SEO in 2018:

  • What were the three most important developments in SEO during 2018?
  • Where is SEO heading in 2019?
  • How did voice search stack up over the course of the year?

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Another Major Google Ads Shift & Google Goes to Congress

In Episode 08 of the In Search SEO Podcast our hosts Mordy Oberstein & Jacqueline Harkham explore: 

  • Big Google Ad and PLA swings (again)! What's going on? 
  • Google goes to Washington but did anything come of it? 
  • What happens when SEO theory becomes a reality for booking sites? 
  • Is blogging still worth it?!

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Does Google's Search Strategy Result in Filter Bubbles?

In Episode 07 of the In Search SEO Podcast our hosts Mordy Oberstein & guest host Kim Rognes explore:

  • Search filter bubbles & the possibility of Google's approach to search resulting in them
  • Huge decreases in ads on the SERP worldwide!
  • What happens when Google tries to meet too many user intents on the same SERP?
  • Is the Reserve with Google program heading towards monetization?

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In Search [Episode 06]: Zero Organic Result SERPs - The What & The Why

In Episode 06 of the In Search SEO Podcast our hosts, Mordy Oberstein and Jacqueline Harkham, explore zero result SERPs!

  • Why Google brought them back
  • How this instance is different from when Google first tried zero organic result SERPs
  • The overall impact of no organic results on the SERP

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Where Google Goes Wrong by Just Showing Popular Search Results

In Episode 05 of the In Search SEO Podcast we explore:

  • What is Google's ethical duty towards its search results?
  • Will SERP commenting for live sports events have an SEO impact?
  • Data on video carousel and Image Box drop-offs
  • How to properly frame the question surrounding Google's ability (or lack thereof) to use authorship as a ranking factor

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No Link Needed? Is a Mention Enough? Is Voice Search Trustworthy?

Episode 04 of the In Search SEO Podcast our hosts, Mordy Oberstein and Jacqueline Harkham tackle:

  • Is offering a mention, with no link, enough when citing a source?
  • When Google mentions 'linking naturally', is that really possible?
  • The implications of the rise in the People Also Ask SERP feature
  • What user trust in chatbots means for voice search commerce

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Do Multifaceted Featured Snippets Have a Real Impact?

In episode 03 of the In Search SEO podcast our hosts, Mordy Oberstein and Jacqueline Harkham dive into:

  • New Discover More Places data How impactful are Multifaceted Featured Snippets... really?
  • Are SEOs too focused on RankBrain?
  • What's new in the world of voice search and what is the SEO industry still glossing over?

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Is AMP a Ranking Factor & What Brings Up the Explore Panel?

In this episode of In Search our hosts, Mordy Oberstein and Jacqueline Harkham discuss:

  • How often does the Explore Panel appear on the SERP?
  • Is AMP a ranking factor?
  • Google's Knowledge Panel relationship building
  • The latest SEO news with full analysis

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Authorship for YMYL Sites & Featured Snippets vs. Title Optimization

In this, the first episode of In Search: Making SEO Small Talk, a weekly SEO podcast, we analyze the latest news coming out of the SEO industry, talk tips for creating authoritative authorship when lacking official credentials, and whether or not you should focus first on Featured Snippets or creating highly clickable titles. 

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